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Sheetal Patel

Dr. Sheetal J. Patel

Dr. Sheetal J. Patel is a fifteen-year veteran of creating engaging brands, marketing strategies, and stories that effectively impact people’s lives. She has worked across industries helping organizations understand their employees and customers in order to have the greatest impact. Her recent research has focused on meaningful work, multigenerational workplaces, learning, DEI online,  and brand management. She is currently the co-founder of 95z, researcher and strategist at LinkedIn, and speaks and consults regularly.

Patel is a published author. She was awarded the NACE/Chevron Award by the National Association of Colleges and Employers for achievement and innovation in branding. She has also been the recipient of over $225,000 in fellowships, grants, and scholarships for her research. She is dedicated to developing stories that serve her communities in her spare time as well, participating in such activities as the classical dance performance art of Kuchipudi, photography, and writing about women and balance.

Iyad Uakoub

Iyad Uakoub is a leadership coach, behavioral scientist, and people advisor. He currently leads Behavioral Science at a leadership coaching startup. His mission is to connect science to practice and tell evidence-based stories to fuel the company’s ongoing growth.

Iyad led L&D and People programs at three multibillion-dollar tech startups, and designed nationally recognized coaching and data insights interventions at Stanford, Purdue, and the UN. Iyad did his master's and doctoral research in organizational behavior, leadership, and psychology at Purdue, USF, and Harvard.

Iyad is also a fellow at the Harvard Institute of Coaching, a Fulbright scholar, and a certified coach. His research interests include the intersection of leadership development, coaching as well as meaningful work, identities, and multigenerational workplaces.

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